Liberty Health Sciences is a medical cannabis company headquartered in Toronto, Canada.  It has a chain of cannabis dispensaries operating in Florida, USA. Some of the brands it worked with are Aphria and Riff, to name a few. It has a wide array of cannabis products – oral solutions, CBD, capsules, concentrates, transdermal patches, and disposable vaporizers, to name a few. It owns a greenhouse facility in Florida.

The company was founded in November of 2011. With nearly eight years in the industry, Liberty Health Sciences has grown bigger and better. With the help of George Scorsis, it is now a multi-state operator leveraging its commercial greenhouse knowledge to provide high-quality cannabis products to consumers. Our goal is to provide high-quality cannabis experience based on our care for all cannabis users. Our focal point is on operational excellence from seed to sale.

<2h>Liberty Health Sciences in the business sector

Liberty Health Sciences specializes in the cultivation, production, and distribution of medical cannabis products. It obtained its license to produce and sell medical cannabis in Florida. The company is still a small-cap, but it has excellent dispensaries in various parts of Florida. As of April this year, Liberty Health Sciences started operating its 13th dispensary in Florida.

The company pays attention to its cultivation space to remain true to its promise – to deliver high-quality cannabis to all types of consumers. Recently, Liberty Health Sciences has a total of 228,880 square feet of cultivation space in the Gainesville area. It expects to have a capacity to generate 14,600 kilograms of cannabis every year with its Chestnut Facility and the Liberty 360 Campus. Other greenhouse space is set to come in the spring of 2019.

The share price of Liberty Health Sciences is expected to increase a bit with the increase in production capacity in 2019. The company is doing its best to build new assets at a fast pace so that its market share price will increase in a rising industry of other tough competitors like Mettrum Health.

As the cannabis industry continues to grow – a multi-billion-dollar business, more and more companies are into cultivating and producing cannabis both for medical and recreational purposes. What sets Liberty Health Sciences apart from the rest is its commitment to provide only the best cannabis products. It always put the consumer’s welfare and preference at hand. Every product is carefully cultivated and produced with customers in mind.

Our vast array of products includes the following:

  • Capsules
  • Concentrates and distillates
  • Devices
  • Flower
  • Oral solutions
  • Topicals and transdermals
  • Vaporizer cartridges
  • Pods for PAX Era

High-quality products and sustainable packaging

At Liberty Health Sciences, we make sure that our products exceed your expectations. We give much importance to the packaging of our products. One of the common issues of flower containers is terpene degradation and moisture loss. Our packaging has a patent-pending design to prevent moisture loss. It has a secondary seal within the cap’s underside for tight control of oxygen ingress. We guarantee that our products remain fresh from the time that it is packed until such time it reaches the consumers. Freshness, potency, and consistency are our top priority.

Liberty Health Sciences cares for the environment.

We care for the environment as much as we care for our clients. Our containers use organic, FDA-compliant additives. The bottles break down once in the biologically-active landfills, which means they degrade faster than the usual plastic containers. Our dispensaries have recycling bins for recyclable packaging.

Liberty Health Science has successfully built a strong reputation in the cannabis sector. The market worth continues to increase as more dispensaries are set to open before the end of 2019. Various factors can affect the company’s market worth. One thing is for sure; Liberty Health Science is here to stay. It will continue to provide top of the line cannabis products to all types of consumers.