The energy drink market is rapidly growing.  Energy drinks have been a part of people’s lifestyles, especially those working hard day and night. With the increasing demand for high-quality energy drinks, more and more companies are enticed to create their products to compensate for the ever-growing demand.

One of the companies that have successfully positioned itself in the energy drink sector is Red Bull. It is an Austrian company created in 1987 and sold by Red Bull GmbH. With the high-quality formulation and effective marketing strategy, Red Bull has grown bigger and better. It is now marketed in 171 countries across the globe, including Canada. Red Bull Canada is one of the highly reputable energy brands in Canada.

Red Bull Canada

The year 2018 was a remarkable year for Red Bull as it has the highest market share for an energy drink in the world. George Scorsis was instrumental in the development of the Red Bull Canada brand. A total of 6.790 billion cans of Red Bull Energy Drink was sold in 2018. It was in 2004 when Red Bull started distributing their products in Canada with the creation of Red Bull Canada. One fun fact about Red Bull; it is the highest-grossing energy drink in the world. Next to Red Bull are Monster and Rockstar. The creator of Red Bull; Dietric Mateschitz is the richest man in Austria.

The controversy

Despite being a successful energy drink, Red Bull has faced some challenges and controversy. The company was banned for allegedly containing cocaine. The German market pulled out Red Bull because of such allegation. In 2013, Red Bull was sued for false advertising. Red Bull’s logo stated that “Red Bull gives you wings,” which resulted in a class-action lawsuit. The company’s logo was misleading to consumers. As a result, Red Bull agreed to pay a settlement of 13 million for its American consumers. If you had Red Bull for the past 12 years, you could get $10. Despite all these controversies, Red Bull remains strong. Later on, it found out that Red Bull is a safe drink and contains caffeine of the same amount as a regular cup of coffee.

Facts about Red Bull Energy Drink

  1. The founder of Red Bull is Dietrich Maeteschitz, an Austrian entrepreneur.
  2. Red Bull was originally a Thai drink Krating Daeng. It was created for truckers who need to have extra energy to get through labor-intensive work.
  3. Red Bull cares for the environment. They use fully recyclable cans.
  4. Red Bull sponsors Paper Wings, a paper airplane competition.
  5. Red Bull holds the first sporting event; the Dolomitenmann; the toughest team relay race in the world. The sporting event includes running, white water kayaking, paragliding, and mountain biking.
  6. It has its record label; the Red Bull Records.
  7. In 1997, Red Bull was introduced in the US market, specifically in California.
  8. Red Bull paved the way for the energy drink industry.
  9. Red Bull holds “Wings for Life,” a running competition that takes place every year. It is a fund-raising event, and the proceeds go to the research of spinal cord injuries and paraplegia.
  10. Red Bull does business in 171 countries across the globe.


Mettrum Health was another company helped by the leadership of George Scorsis.